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One Day Excursions

Splendor of Kandy

A day out enjoying an intimate tour of Elephant orphanage and Kandy. The trip takes you first to see over 80 retired, abused or orphaned elephants at this renowned Orphanage in Pinnawela. We can see the baby elephants being fed milk by their human fathers with their kind hands, definitely an unforgettable sight! It's marvelous to watch an entire herd splashing around and rolling in the river, just a few feet in front of you! Afterwards we will proceed to Kandy, en route visiting Tea factory in Giragama and Spice Garden in Mawanalla with having unforgettable experience on production of the best Ceylon tea and endemic essence of herbs used for Sri Lankan cuisine and medicine.

Kandy, known as the capital of the mountains, founded in the 14th Century AD, was the last kingdom of Sri Lankan before it fell to the British in 1815. The city stands out for his beauty since the salubrious hill station has maintained its position as an epicenter of Sinhalese culture and for being the heart of the Buddhism. It was declared as World Heritage Site of the Humanity by the UNESCO in the year 1988. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic which houses the Tooth sacred of "Lord Buddha" is the most significant building in the city and is a place of pilgrimage. The trip to Kandy presents the traveler a cross section of what Sri Lanka has to offer in landscape and you see the city from an unconventional angle. To finalize we will ensure that you discover a handful of hidden secrets, visiting a colouring market, Gem museum, the arts and crafts centre and the amazing Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya.

Playful Elephants and Scent of Spices

Early morning we will proceed to visit the Elephant Sanctuary in Pinnawela. This sanctuary was built in 1975 for rescued, injured or abused elephants and attracts visitors from all over the world to view these sumptuous animals.

Today has the largest herd in captivity in the world and offers us a opportunity to see elephants running in this natural environment. You will have an unique and intimate experience to caress and you feed the elephants with a small bottle of milk and appreciate the bond of union with their human foster parents called "eth gowwa", and enjoy the highest visual event of the day, the bath. An experience that an elephant lover would never forget. After that lunch will be at a restaurant in Pinnawala.

The highlights of the day end visiting the Spices Garden. If variety is the spice of life, the variety of spices hand-reared and harvested at Matale Spice Garden must be Sri Lanka’s soul. Here you’ll find the exceptional scents, tastes, traditional remedies and cosmetics. You´ll can taste a herbal brew, enjoy the full flavors of Sri Lankan spices or an Ayurveda massage based on natural products from the garden. Walk around the aromatic greenery through the cinnamon groves in the shade of huge tropical trees. Sniff and learn about Sri Lanka’s cuisine and traditional Ayurveda therapy.

Southern Culture and Nature

Early morning proceed to historic town of Galle en route visiting the recovery center and breeding of turtles in Kosgoda, and the factory - museum of Masks designed to introduce into the richness of the mask´s tradition of Ambalangoda and to strengthen this cultural heritage. Afterwards, guided tour to explore the inland area and walls of Galle which are the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in South Asia, where you can see the interaction of European architecture and the artistic traditions of the south Asia. Originally built by the Portuguese in the s. XVI and reinforced by Dutch almost two centuries later. Declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, it was the main port of the island of Ceylon, coveted by British, French, Danish and Spanish. It is believed that the present city of Galle was the ancient port of Tharsis, where the Hebrew king Solomon sent to seek ivory and peacocks, according to the Bible. Throughout history, a lot goods and flags have gone through this important port, now awaiting the traveler bolder. Then, we enjoy an excellent meal in a fortress restaurant with views to the imposing Indian Ocean with time to enjoy at leisure.

On completion, we´ll visit the Moonstone mine in Meethiyagoda and could travel though mangroves with monkeys, cormorants, crocodiles into the heart of River Madu Ganga by boat. We´ll taste a cup of tea in one of 64 islands. During the safari visit the cinnamon´s island and Buddhist temple "Koth Duwa Raja Maha Viharaya" located in a small island within the river. The temple is believed that once housed the sacred tooth relic of Buddha, in the fourth century and contains a Bodhi tree which was planted by an outbreak of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi of Anuradhapura. After observing the life and the primitive style of fishing and shrimp still practiced that reveal another facet of splendid Sri Lanka.

Adventures Unlimited

There is an amazing adventure waiting for you here in Sri Lanka.

Rafting was created more than 5,000 years ago, it was used as a transport, to exchange food, tools, clothing and medicine between peoples and communities a bit distant. Now you can a fun journey along the river in a very safe manner with our well experienced and knowledgeable instructors, with its exciting rapids and un-spoilt nature, one of the most beautiful and least explored of the island. Here you slide down rocks and jump off the top of small waterfalls, is the ideal destination for the adrenaline flowing. The Kelani River that flows through Kitulgala is famous as the scene of the famous Hollywood movie "The Bridge on the River Kwai", which won seven Oscars. On the hill above the city, has recently discovered a large cave containing prehistoric, skeletal remains of a civilization still unknown. It is a really fun activity and great for all ages. We find that children are normally braver than the adults! Adrenaline and magic are insured.

River Safari, Balapitiya

Imagine sailing mighty river and its mangroves, one of those places where any admirer of nature would stay speechless, for a romantic escape or get-together with a group of friends, is the perfect choice. The biodiversity of the wetlands surrounding the 64 islands is exceptional with 111 species of birds and 248 species of vertebrates. The Department of Wildlife Conservation said Madhu Ganga River wildlife sanctuary and declared a wetland of international importance. Enveloped within of tropical gardens, we will see the process, elaboracion and drying of cinnamon in one of its islands. We also visited the Buddhist temple "Koth Duwa Raja Maha Viharaya” located on the Kothduwa island within the river. The temple is believed that once housed the sacred tooth relic of Buddha, in the fourth century and contains a Bodhi tree which was planted by an outbreak of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura.

Indulge in fine cuisine, unwind in tranquil surroundings and allow yourself to be expertly spoil in paradise.

Negombo Rural Perspective

Negombo is known by the nickname of "Little Rome" due to its ornate churches. The exchange of fish at dawn, prawn farms, beached catamarans, the kids playing on pink sandy beaches, is really what keeps Negombo’s heart beating. The boat tour through the Dutch canal, takes you through the idyllic rice paddy and coconut plantation landscape, dissolve into the tiny warren of streets along the extensive network of canals surrounded by extensive vegetation. The lagoon attracts a variety of birds such as cormorants, gulls, herons, and other shorebirds. The canal divided the city in two along 100 km and was the communication channel to transport supplies between peoples and to transport spices and gems; they can lead you back to old-world life and unexpected treasures. Although the canal existed before the time of colonization, the Dutch amplified and changed it in according with the development of the time, hence its name. We will stop along the way for a snack and recharge before continuing with the city tour, seeing the famous fish market and knowing its important buildings of the colonial period. We proceed to the city by typical Sri Lankan's train; it is an experience for all those who want to know the country from a different perspective.

In To The Wild

Early morning we will attend the awakening of nature. The 4x4 jeep we will lead for a wild ride when the animals begin to stretch out. During a visit, it is not unusual to see whole herds of adults and young elephants– feeding or bathing and playing in the water! In addition to this main attraction - about 400 Asian elephants-, the park is home to many water buffalo, water monitor lizards, sambar deer, and several species of primates. Its 119.00 km ² attract different bird species, peacocks, pelicans, birds of prey, and migratory waders, being an exciting location for bird enthusiasts. An exhilarating safari around vast plains of Udawalawe, the Sri Lankan national park that best rivals the savanna reserves of Africa.

After the safari you will have an unique and intimate experience to caress and you feed the elephants with a small bottle of milk and appreciate the bond of union with their human foster parents called "eth gowwa". An experience that an elephant lover would never forget. After, the lunch will be at a restaurant in Udawalawe..

Mystical Rocks

Early morning we go to turn back the clock to the V century AD at The Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World. Sigiriya is one of the most emblematic places; this World Heritage is a feat of engineering and vision. Fortress rebuilt by the parricidal King Kashyapa [477-495 AD] still has the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs and cisterns. Halfway up the rock, you can see rock paintings which have brought universal acclaim to the site of Sigiriya - 'The Maidens of the Clouds', 21 non-identified female figures, comparable to the most beautiful creations of Ajanta. 'Lion's Rock', which dominates the jungle from all sides was completely covered by buildings during their glory. Sigiriya is a spiritual and sensual place, a mixture of military grandeur and mystical and sacred elements.

On completion lunch in Sigiriya and drive to Dambulla, another of the seven sites declared World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka. A complex of caves with temples inside, with 160 statues and over 2000 m² of murals on the walls depicting the life of Buddha. An example of the technique exepcional and religious expression in Southeast Asia. When speaking of Dambulla and Sigiriya, certainly we move into the more mystical and spiritual part of the island.

We have designed a few of the experiences possible to do in Sri Lanka.

This island offers a wide range of entertainment and service for travelers who want to make a trip full of fun: trekking inspired by nature's most hidden corners of the island, exciting camping Safaris staying overnight in the jungle, visit natural hot springs, rejuvenate your health with the ancestral Ayurveda treatments, participate in colorful festivals, get in touch with the spiritual dimension of yoga, understand the finer aspects of their culture... You just only have to imagine.

Peer out the world of Autumn Lanka Travels. This lush island full of possibilities wishes to open itself up to the world.

Visit our catalog of activities or contact us directly to resolve all your doubts.

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