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  1. Are flights included?

    The prices you see on our website and in our brochures are quoted 'land only'. We recognize that everybody has different airline preferences and affiliations and may choose to book their international flight by internet. Our experts always can advice you.

  2. How can I pay for my holiday?

    You can pay using one of the following payment options: Credit Card or Bank Transfer - please telephone our customer helpline to get more info or to make payment. We accept payments in Rupees, in US Dollars and Euros.

  3. How about mosquitoes ?

    Some hotels will provide you with a plug-in mosquito repellent or mosquito nets. You can also buy the burning coils or citronella candles from the supermarket.

  4. Can I obtain vegetarian food?

    Most large hotels and restaurants have a ‘vegetarian section’ in the menu.

  5. What are the visa requirements for Sri Lanka?

    Holders of passports from the vast majority of countries, including UK, Ireland, United States, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and India, can holiday in Sri Lanka and the Maldives as bona fide tourists for up to 30 days. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an official authorization for a Short Visit to Sri Lanka and is issued through an on-line system.

  6. What about traveling with children?

    Children can enjoy travelling with their parents, there are many resorts which are suitable for families with children.

  7. Is it Safe to Travel to Sri Lanka?

    Sri Lanka is quite a safe destination to travel and one of the most picturesque countries on earth. The country is at peace and we are experiencing record a record number of visitors. Many of our clients have become friends and cannot wait to return to their 'second home', feeling safe and secure in our care.

  8. What are the inoculations and health precautions must I be concerned with?

    Sri Lanka has an effective health care system which is considered a model for most developing countries across the world. It is mandatory for those travelling to Sri Lanka from Africa or Latin America to have a valid certificate of vaccination for Yellow fever and Meningitis prior to arrival in Sri Lanka. You need up-to-date Hepatitis A, Polio and Tetanus shots. Most travelers will return home having experienced no problems apart from travelers' diarrhea. Take some tablets (just in case you get an upset stomach).

    Almost every town has a pharmacy selling common medicines. However, we advise you to carry any special medication as the availability of medical supplies may vary.

    You are strongly advised you take an adequate health insurance cover when travelling to Sri Lanka.

  9. What if I have to cancel my holiday?

    We recognize that holidays occasionally have to be cancelled for valid reasons. Our cancellation charges in our booking conditions apply, at our discretion as we are not always able to recover payments and admin costs committed on your behalf. For more details about holiday cancellations please see our Terms and Conditions.

  10. What to wear?

    Cotton clothes are useful at any time of the year but you will need woolens for the hills and certainly waterproof clothing. Take some long sleeve lightweight cotton shirts and trousers for evening (preferably in pale colors) as they protect against mosquitoes. Modest dress for women is very advisable especially off the beach and certainly when visiting religious sites. Don't forget comfortable shoes, sandals and cotton socks; also take a sun hat and sunglasses. If you planning to trek and climb go prepared with suitable gear.

    For more general weather information we suggest you visit

  11. What is the voltage type in Sri Lanka?

    The voltage is Sri Lanka is 220/ 240 volts. Sri Lankan hotels have two types of plug bases; either the UK or India.

  12. Does Autumn Lanka also arrange flight tickets?

    The prices you see on our website and in our brochures are quoted 'land only'. We recognize that everybody has different airline preferences and affiliations and may choose to book their international flight by internet. Our experts always can advice you.

    Autumn Lanka does not propose international flights but you can consult the current offers of the airline companies, our list of suggested airline companies and flight booking websites listed below.

    Air France / Air India / KLM / Gulf Air / Kuwait Airways / Lufthansa / Delta / British Airways / Virgin Atlantic / Bmi / Emirates / Royal Jordanian / Austrian / Alitalia

  13. Can I use my mobile phone in Sri Lanka?

    Yes, the International Dialling Code is 0094. Your mobile phone will connect to one of the local phone providers such as Dialog or Mobitel though you should be aware that phoning your house this way can be expensive. If you are staying in Sri Lanka for longer periods, it would be better to consider purchasing a Sri Lankan SIM card. If you wish to purchase one, your driver/guide will be able to help you.

  14. Why do I need a travel company?

    Sri Lanka is complex and unpredictable in many ways and therein lies its beauty. Someone who knows will help you avoid many potential pitfalls: location of a hotel, there are no more train tickets on the day you want to travel, you may find they gave you a room with no view, you may find yourself being driven to poor quality shops by chauffeurs more interested in making a commission. Our local knowledge will prevent the pitfalls, show you the best of Sri Lanka and will give you peace of mind.

  15. What to expect regarding to guide?

    We may allocate a chauffeur-guide to drive or allocate a guide and a separate chauffer where the role of the chauffer is to drive and the role of the guide is to guide. Our guides speak Spanish, Germany, Russian, Italian and English with whom we share common values.

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We would like to thank you for preparing a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka. We are very pleased with your services and the implementation of the plan trips.We'd love to thank you for the professional driver. Niroshan was a very good driver. He took care of our security, and was all the time at our disposal. Very good English. He was very friendly and helpful. Along the way, showing us an amazing place. Always smiling and cheerful. How to visit Sri Lanka is only Niroshanem. It was the best showcase your company - Best regards,Marek Szyperski with Paula, Maria and Waldemar.

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