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Responsible Travel Tips

  1. Before leaving home learn as much as possible about the countries you are visiting, the religion, culture, the local rules and values.
  2. Learn some language and don’t be afraid to use it; simple pleasantries will help break the ice.
  3. Learn what’s appropriate behavior and body language. Like the concept of ‘saving face” in Asia.
  4. Support locally owned businesses, hotels, restaurants and other services. Drink local brands. Hire a bike or walk where convenient – you'll meet local people and get to know the place.
  5. Avoid visiting local shows or zoos that promote cruelty or exploitation of endangered species.
  6. Shop from traditional artisans and for locally made products, helping keep traditional crafts alive and favor local products over imported items. Bargain if that is a local practice, but bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.
  7. Dress respectfully with an awareness of local standards. Dress modestly at religious sites and check what swim wear is suitable for pools and the beach.
  8. Always ask first before photographing people. Send them back copies of photos to help make it a two-way exchange.
  9. Be wary of giving gifts or money to beggars, children and people you have just met. Supporting the community through a local school, clinic or development project may be more constructive.
  10. Leave only footprints…take care of the environment as you would your own home. Take out all you take in, to areas away from the cities. Use alternatives to plastic and say ‘No’ to plastic bags. For cigarette butts, an empty film or similar container makes a perfect portable container.
  11. Be environmentally friendly. Use energy, water and other resources efficiently, and consistent with their availability and wise practice in the locale.
  12. Be culturally sensitive. Be aware of the feelings, values, customs and beliefs of other people, thus preventing what might be offensive behavior. Make no promises to local people unless you are certain you can fulfill them.
  13. Learn to observe, think, speak and write in a language that is non-ethnocentric, non-racist, non-pejorative and non-sensationalizing. Cultivate the habit of listening and observing, rather than merely hearing and seeing. Make a habit of asking questions instead of knowing all of the answers. Reflect daily on your experiences: seek to deepen your understanding.
  14. After returning home think how you can support programs and organizations that are working to protect the welfare, culture and environment of where you’ve been lucky to visit.
  15. Rather than counting rolls of film shot, take the time to discover the enrichment that comes from seeing another way of life in its fullness. And above all: Smile!

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TV Program in Europe - Mr.Pawel Szozda (Director of Autumn Lanka Travels ).

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We would like to thank you for preparing a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka. We are very pleased with your services and the implementation of the plan trips.We'd love to thank you for the professional driver. Niroshan was a very good driver. He took care of our security, and was all the time at our disposal. Very good English. He was very friendly and helpful. Along the way, showing us an amazing place. Always smiling and cheerful. How to visit Sri Lanka is only Niroshanem. It was the best showcase your company - Best regards,Marek Szyperski with Paula, Maria and Waldemar.

Hotels, Villas and Resorts

  1. Travel agents are knowledgeable since they live here. If you have questions, your travel agent will have the answers in different languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Germany, Russian, Polish.
  2. Let the travel agents worry. Turning on experts is the key to enjoying your holiday!
  3. We provide emergency travel assistance—24 hours a day.
  4. Save time. Before you know it, you'll be ready to go!
  5. A passion for service.
  6. We're legit.
  7. Focused on authentic experiences.
  8. We've been there, done that.
  9. Be treated like a human, by humans.

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